Monday, September 17, 2012

FIVE new cameras came in the mail today. I ordered them a week apart,  but the fact that they all showed up on the same day sort of put into perspective the ridiculous volume at which I am purchasing these things... ha.

Anyway... the two in the left of this shot I couldn't resist. They're 600 series; Cool Cam and Construction Cam, respectively. I love the color, and they were cheap, last minute purchases, with combined shipping (no desperate justification here).

The center one's a repeat of a camera I already have. You can see it in the clusterfuck photo in the last post... a Sonar (Autofocus) SX-70; the other of which was actually used to snap this photo. I love these things because they fold flat for safer, easier transportation. I'm still scouring the globe for an original (non-autofocus) model, they're pretty rare and exceedingly expensive these days.

The last camera's a Sun 600 Autofocus, of which I also already have one. It came as a batch deal with the SX-70 and a Highlander Model 80, which is unusable, but handsome;  not sure what I'll do with it.

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