Sunday, July 29, 2012

So we went down to Boston last weekend to visit some friends and I brought along a lil OneStep Rainbow SX-70 to document the event. The photo on the left is your standard indoor, close-range photo with the flashbar flash in full effect; standard stuff. I was kind of getting tired of the effect the flash had on the exposure (a little close to over, every time!), so I tried something new. The shots to the right of it are indoor, long exposure action shots and I really like how they came out. As it is recommended by the manufacturer of the film, the Impossible Project,I usually shoot with the electric eye set to the darkest setting, since this PX-70 film is more light sensitive than the original SX-70 film by Polaroid. Since it was not incredibly light in the room, I turned it the electric eye closer to the light end, which decreases the shutter speed (exposing the film longer). This is why the film appears blurry, why it's red, I have no idea; but I like it.

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