Sunday, September 16, 2012

Got a bunch of new cameras over the past month, and new film. I've been experimenting like crazy. I got a bunch of new packfilm cameras, a 100, a couple of 3-somethings and a couple of 4-somethings. I get em at yard sales, antique stores mostly now, relying less and less on eBay for cameras since most people on there know that they're worth something. There are only a few numbers that are incredibly different, and I didn't get any of them, so I don't bother learning the names. They all function relatively similar. 

Another new oddball I got was the Big Swinger. This thing is like the cheaper version of the hundred-series packfilms. It's got a rigid plastic body and a fixed focus and only shoots B & W film, which is a bit more expensive. One benefit of shooting with the Big Swinger is that it has a built in flash! It takes the same bulbs as the J66, which I got a month or so ago, and is the oldest camera in my collection (photos in post coming soon).

I also got a ton of Impossible PX-70 film and have been shooting with it like a madman. I discovered you can shoot PX-70 film with 600-series cameras (of which I now have 3 or 4). This is a good idea because the 600's have built in flashes (saving on expensive, discontinued flash bars and bulbs).

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